This site contains information of the various technologies that I work with, including hints, tips and recommendations on its use.

My Open Source Projects

  • SymmetricEncryption - Ruby, Rails, and Mongoid Encryption
  • SemanticLogger - Ruby and Rails Logger replacement enhanced with semantic capabilities, high performance, standardized logging with multiple appenders
  • sync_attr - Thread-safe Ruby class variables with lazy loaded default values and initializers
  • ResilientSocket - A Resilient TCP Socket Client for Ruby with built-in timeouts, retries, and logging
  • RubyWMQ - Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ
  • jruby-jms - Use JMS from JRuby
  • active_record_slave - Rails ActiveRecord drop-in solution to efficiently redirect reads to slave databases
  • hyperic-mongodb - Hyperic HQ plugin to enable enterprise monitoring and alerting of large MongoDB installations

Open Source Technologies

  • Linux

Programming Languages

  • Ruby & JRuby
  • Java

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