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Apple Mac

I made the switch from Windows to an amazing Apple MacBook Pro. Gone is the "blue screen of death" and constant support to the entire family when Windows, Outlook or a favorite game misbehaves due to an updated "patch" from Microsoft.

Below are the tools I added during the transition to a Mac:
  • Office
    • OpenOffice
      • Can read and write those old MS Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel files
      • Easily create read only PDF files for email etc.
  • Multimedia
    • ReduxEncoder
      • Excellent tool for batch converting Videos to MP4 (H.264) format
      • I converted those old MiniDV AVI files to MP4
      • My Settings:
        • For Standard Definition AVI files:

        • For Widescreen AVI files:

  • Printer Drivers
    • Download Canon Printer Drivers
    • To access a remote Windows Printer:
      • Open System Preferences -> Print & Fax -> Click on "+"
      • Right Click on Menu bar and select "Customize Toolbar"
      • Drag the "Advanced" icon onto the menu bar
      • Select Done
      • Click on "Advanced"
        • Type: "Windows"
        • Device: "Another Device"
        • URL: "smb://servername/printername"
          • Replace servername and printername as applicable
        • Name: Enter a local name for the printer
        • Location: Suggest entering the servername
    • Also checkout the Gutenberg Printer Drivers, they really do work
  • Utilities
  • Virtualization
    • VirtualBox
      • In case you still need an old Windows app