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Install WebSphere MQ on Ubuntu

Server Installation

Install rpm, if not already installed

sudo apt-get install rpm

Download the tar ball into a new directory, then extract
tar -xzvf CZ4VDML.tar.gz
Accept the license agreement
sudo ./
  Note: Do the above command from a non-X11 console, since the license GUI does not work
  For Example, ssh localhost prior to running the above command

Install the rpm packages
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesRuntime-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesServer-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesSDK-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesClient-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesJava-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesSamples-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian gsk7bas-7.0-4.23.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesKeyMan-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesMan-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
    Note:  --force-debian option is new with Ubuntu 9.10 and can be left out with prior releases of Ubuntu

Optionally install the eclipse based management interface
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesJRE-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesEclipseSDK33-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm
sudo rpm -ivh --nodeps --force-debian MQSeriesConfig-7.0.1-0.i386.rpm

Copy eclipse plugins into the correct folder (may be fixed in future release)
sudo cp -r /opt/mqm/eclipse/* /opt/mqm/eclipseSDK33/eclipse
sudo chown -R mqm:mqm /opt/mqm

Note: If rpm fails immediately with the error below:
    error: can't create transaction lock on /var/lib/rpm/__db.000
Create the missing directory
sudo mkdir /var/lib/rpm

To Start MQ Config (as any user)

Uninstall MQSeries

To uninstall all MQSeries RPM packages
sudo rpm -qa | grep MQSeries | xargs sudo rpm -e --noscripts
sudo rpm -qa | grep gsk7bas | xargs sudo rpm -e --noscripts